A Guide to Ukrainian Beer Available at the Ukie Club

We offer a diverse range of quality alcoholic beverages and are proud to provide the Philadelphia community with special imported beer from Ukraine.  Stop by today and try one!


Tip: Hold your glass high and shout Будьмо (Budʼmo) or cheers in Ukrainian!​


Obolon Premium Euro Pale Lager - Especially refreshing and effervescent, high-stability beer with a pronounced taste and pleasant bitterness. In addition to traditional ingredients, rice is used in the production of Obolon Premium. This is one the most popular beer brands due to its mild taste and average solids content.


Lvivske Mitsne ("Strong") - Strong Pilsner - is a strong light beer with a sweet, surprisingly strong and at the same time delicate taste. Thanks to the exquisite note of bitterness, Lvivske Strong is a paragon of beer. This beer gives rest, improves mood and will be a unique moment of your stories.


Lvivske 1715 - Pilsner - is a light beer of flawless quality that is based on tercentenary traditions and even more ancient secrets of Lviv brewers. The secrets of ancient recipe were passed by word of mouth, from father to son. Light hop beverage with pure malt aroma and inimitable taste is a true discovery for all who are devoted to classics and ancient traditions.


Robert Doms Bohemske ("Bohemian") - Green - Bohemian-style Pilsner - is a golden light beer with thick foam, pronounced hop aroma and a soft malt flavor with fruity notes in the aftertaste. Brewed according to a unique recipe using Bohemian malt.


Robert Doms Videnskiy ("Viennese") - Red - Viennese-style Amber Lager is a rich amber beer with subtle caramel notes in the aftertaste, whose ingredients include Vienna malt giving the beer its nice malty taste and exquisite aroma. 

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